Enable the “Potential Market” layer, choose which sectors you would like to analyse and filter the results. We have already filtered out those that might have a higher default risk.

Set the map to a specific area or design catchment areas to examine, at no cost, the individual files of each of your potential clients.

Select clients and potential clients, and CyCred Maps will design your sales routes so as to optimise your visits.




Enable the “Aggregate Information” layer to see where your risk is concentrated, where your payment incidents are located and which sectors are the most affected.

Change to the client “Detail” layer and they will all appear on the map. Their basic files will provide you with contact information and financial parameters, with direct access to the CRM.

Focus your analysis on those clients requiring your attention, thanks to the powerful filters available (sectors, policy parameters, financial data, etc.).




To tap the best opportunities,

you need to know where they are

CyCred Maps is our platform for

business analysis and finding new clients

Find new clients

Based on the activities of your current clients, use the map to locate new business opportunities. We filter out companies with high default risk and generate optimised routes for your sales visits.

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Analyse current clients

We locate all your clients on the map so that you can filter them by policy data, activity or financial data, with direct access to the CRM file. By enabling the “Policy” layer, you will be able to browse all of its parameters.

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Ismael Catalá


Saneamiento y Suministros, S.A.

We use CyCred Maps as a tool to locate new solvent clients.

In fact, it has helped us to open up new business routes, boosting our sales.

How to find new clients

CyCred Maps helps us to open new markets.

We use CyCred Maps to locate new clients by geographic areas, compiling information about financial ratios, significantly streamlining our decision-making processes.

Diego Sánchez


La Abuela Julia S.A.

How to analyse the clients in your policy


International coverage for the potential market

We have increased the coverage for locating potential market to include nine countries, and we will soon add more. The perfect complement for CyComex.











Coming soon


United Kingdom

Example of a heatmap of the potential Fishing market in France.

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CyCred Maps is exclusive & free for all Crédito y Caución policy holders.

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